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7 Reasons We Love Low Water Landscapes

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Have you ever wanted to liven up your curb appeal, but the thought of having to increase your water bill made you want to scream?

Introduce low water landscapes, also known as “xeriscaping,” which means “dry landscape.” It is originally from the root word “xeros,” which is the Greek word for “dry.”

Low water landscapes are landscapes that are drought resistant, focus on using plants that demand less water, and use features like mulch or stones to create beautiful, striking landscapes.

Here’s 7 reasons to love Low Water Landscapes:

  1. Less upkeep: With the usage of mulch, stones, turf grass, or sand, there is less weeding required.

  2. Curb the seasonal allergies: If you are using less floral plants or plan to get rid of your lawn altogether, your seasonal allergies will thank you!

  3. Less water usage: Conserve your water bill and be more conscious of the environment. Using plants that require less water overall will curb your water bill, and prevent runoff.

  4. Increase curb appeal: Be different! Having a low water landscape can be very attractive, welcoming, and will definitely help your house stand out. With less upkeep, it will look fresh longer than a typical curb appeal.

  5. Incorporate native plants: What is also awesome about low water landscapes is that depending on the area that you live, you can incorporate native plants that are more drought resistant. This means that the native birds or insects will love your yard even more too!

  6. Go modern: Less is more. Deciding to do a xeriscape is a great way to show beauty and design with the usage of stones, succulent plants, grasses, or other low water landscape friendly options.

  7. Reduce maintenance costs: We all want a pretty landscape but taking the time to maintain it can be a pain. Xeriscaping requires fewer fertilizers and also needs less equipment, mainly because of the reduced (or no) lawn areas.

Ten Inspirational Designs

If we haven’t inspired you already to consider low water landscaping, here’s a roundup of 7 lovely design elements for a low water landscape.

1. Entryway and Yard area:

This front yard is lovely! We love the pretty stone steps here, the stone accents, the low-water plants, and the grasses as well. With the addition of the mulch as well, there is low maintenance. Without a lawn to care for, this home does not have to worry about mowing the lawn either. This landscape is modern, fresh, and a winner!

2. Stone pathway with ground cover

We love a good ground cover, and there are ones like creeping thyme or phlox that bloom! This stone walkways is all the more stunning, and quaint, surrounded with lovely low water plants, and pathway lighting. The mulch and smaller pebbles do a great job of preventing weed maintenance and creating some space between the plants as well.

3. Pergola and a stone stream

This front yard is just grand! They took advantage of the slope to create a stone river that cascades down, surrounded by lovely drought resistant plants. The pergola is in a beautiful place, bring the focal point to the house and set up to support a lovely growing Barbara Karst Bougainvillea plant.

4. Fire pit

If you are looking for a way to take up some of your backyard space (and don’t want it to be filled with plants), another option is a fire pit! Fire pits are a great way to enjoy time outside with family and friends all year round! This fire pit is surrounded by stone and there is also a stone walkway and low water plant garden above the stone walls behind the fire pit.

5. Trellis, mulch, and stones

If you’re wanting to get rid of grass altogether in your front yard, a low water plant garden is a great option as this front yard. Add in your mulch, a few large stones and some plants, and consider adding a trellis with a low maintenance vine for some extra greenery.

6. Fountain

Wanting to add some more dimension to your low water landscape? Consider adding an eco friendly water fountain that will be sure to add calm and beauty to your garden.

7. Stone walls to draw attention to symmetry and a clean landscape

Stone accents are a great way to add a nice design element, structure, and also support a sloping backyard. In this yard, these lovely stone barriers support the slope while also proving a lovely design feature. This drought resistant landscape is low maintenance while appealing and striking!

8. Large stone pathway

Who doesn’t love a stone pathway? There are so many ways to make a pathway a show stopping feature for your home. Here, this wide pathway showcases the different stone shapes and colors and leads to beautiful steps that are surrounded by sturdy stone walls.

9. Turf Lawn

Don’t want grass but aren’t up for mulch? Go turf! This synthetic grass comes in a variety of textures and is very child and pet friendly as well. You never have to deal with mowing lawns, patching up dead grass, or the allergies.

10. Incorporate a sitting area

Whether it’s a gazebo or a stone pathway leading up to a sitting area, a low water landscape has a variety of unconventional features that can be used to take the place of large plants and allow for more enjoyment of the outdoors. Get creative!

Your Turn!

Have you gotten more ideas of how to incorporate a low water landscape in your home? NOt only will you save money with less maintenance, you can curb seasonal allergies, decrease water usage, increase curb appeal, incorporate more native plants, go more modern and minimalistic, and minimize maintenance costs. What a win-win!

If you live in the Bay Area, we would love to help out! Contact us for a free estimate and we will be happy to make your yard (front and/ or back yard) a beautiful place you will appreciate and enjoy even more! We have been serving the Bay Area for 35 years! Quality is how we do it!

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