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Low Water Landscape

Who says a grass-free landscape can't be pretty?

At least 30 states in the U.S. currently have some level of drought. Here in California, we fall into  into the “exceptional drought” category, making water conservation a high priority.


But conserving water does not mean going without a beautiful garden. In fact, low-water gardens and drought resistant landscaping are not only environmentally conscious, but also distinctly and uniquely interesting and beautiful. Let our landscapers create a drought resistant landscape that will wow you and your entire neighborhood. From the addition of gravel, ornamental grass, succulents, and more we will ensure that your drought resistant landscape design is the perfect fit for you and your climate. 


Quality Gardening & Landscaping, Inc. is proud to offer drought resistant landscape design throughout Moraga, Orinda, Benicia, Alamo, Danville, CA & the surrounding communities.  Get in touch with us today for a beautiful low water landscape!

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